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Permanent Magnetic Drum Pulley

Permanent Magnetic Drum Pulley

Permanent Magnet drum pulley replaces the drive pulley at the end of conveyor belts. We have a wide variety of conveyor belt types, the drum pulley are supplied made to measure and it is ready for installation. As shown in the figure that magnetic head roller extracts the iron particles from the material flow and carries them to the underside of the belt where they are removed and collected. Head roller magnets for conveyor belt are supplied in permanent magnets.

The version with permanent magnets are fitted with powerful and An-Isotropic hard ferrite magnets / Rare earth magnets system is also available in two types: with longitudinal polar field distribution for use with low levels of iron contamination and thin mineral layers, and with lateral polar field distribution for greater material thickness and larger iron particles.

The Permanent Magnetic Drum Pulley is a magnetic separator that is installed at the discharge end of a conveyor belt to separate tramp iron from bulk material. The pulley consists of a permanent magnetic system enclosed in a rotating shell that captures the tramp iron as the belt passes over it. The tramp iron is then carried around the shell and discharged at the rear of the pulley, away from the clean material.

Shree Vishwakarma Magnets is a well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Permanent Magnetic Drum Pulleys in India. They offer a range of models with different belt widths and magnetic strengths to suit various applications. The pulleys are made of high-quality materials and designed for efficient operation with minimal maintenance. They are widely used in industries such as mining, cement, coal handling, and recycling for effective tramp iron removal.

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  • Magnetic Pulleys have following features

    • The magnetic pulleys can be installed easily at conveyor discharge
    • They give complete magnetic protection over the entire face of the pulley for removing ferrous contaminants
    • For different conveyors the magnetic pulleys of different sizes are available
    • The pulleys either use ceramic magnets or powerful rare earth magnets

  • General Specification

    • Flux density: 8500 ± 200 gauss
    • Maximum operating temperature 450?C
    • In all pulleys, best grade St. Ferrite/Rear Earth magnets are used for construction. The outer face and the end plates of the magnetic pulley are made out of stainless steel
    • The magnetic pulley removes contaminants like nuts, bolts, wire, tools etc.
    • It protects equipment, and product from the hazards of tramp iron

  • Types

    • High Intensity – (NdFeb Magnet – 8500 Gauss)
    • Low Intensity - ( Ferrite Magnet - 3500 Gauss)

  • Customized Pulley Designs

    Shree Vishwakarma Magnets also makes custom designed Magnetic Pulleys to precisely fit customer’s application. Following information is required

    • Type of material
    • Conveyor belt width
    • Belt Speed
    • Size and concentration of the contamination
    • Burden depth

  • Installation

    Installation is often very simple. Four bolts on a set of pillow block bearings normally hold the pulley in place. Loosen the conveyor belt, remove the old pulley and install the magnetized pulley. This type of installation does not require electricity.

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