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A Trap Magnet is a type of magnetic separator used to remove magnetic contaminants such as ferrous metal particles from free-flowing materials such as grains, powders, and granular materials. The trap magnet is designed to be installed in a pipeline, and its function is to trap and hold the ferrous particles using its powerful magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by a series of high-energy magnets that are arranged around the circumference of the trap magnet. The trapped particles are held in place until they can be removed manually or automatically by a cleaning mechanism.

Shree Vishwakarma Magnets is a noteworthy manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of trap magnets in India. They offer a variety of trap magnets, including rectangular trap magnets, bullet trap magnets, and spout magnet trap, that are suitable for different applications and industries. Their trap magnets are designed for easy installation, operation, and maintenance, and are made using high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.

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